Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Three Tips To Develop Multitasking Skills

Having multitasking skills is a requirement in the workplace these days. While some are natural task-jugglers, there are those who might need help when the responsibilities pile up. How can an employee develop multitasking skills and become efficient in all his responsibilities?

1. Keep track of progress by making a to-do list.

A to-do list can be simply written on a notepad or entered in a smartphone. What’s important is the person succeeds in doing all the tasks. With this list, a person can give his full attention on one task before he moves on to the next. Multitasking isn’t necessarily about doing two things at the same time. It’s about juggling multiple responsibilities and fulfilling them all efficiently. With a to-do list, a person can set times for specific tasks and decide which ones must be prioritized.

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2. Take only what can be done.

The problem with undertrained multitaskers is that they take a lot of tasks that they cannot fulfill. For those who are just getting used to having a lot of things on their plate, they can take on three tasks and then increase the number once they have mastered focusing and succeeding on the three items. Multitaskers also know how to say no because they value the quality of their output more than other matters in the office.

3. Learn to switch gears.

Some people in the workplace have tasks that are too different from each other. When this happens, it’s important for a person to focus on the task at hand. For example, a person who just finished accounting work needs to set his mind to do the next thing on his to-do list, which might no longer require crunching numbers. This way, there will also be enough time to focus on the next tasks.

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There will come a point in an employee’s life when he would need to take on different roles in order to prove his worth in business. It’s important to gain a wide range of skills and be able to multitask without sacrificing efficiency in the workplace.

Jeff Lupient is the current president and CEO of Lupient Automotive Group. He is highly skilled in automotive sales, customer retention, and process improvement. He learned and mastered these skills through the many years he served in his family’s chain of car dealerships. For more business management tips and updates, follow this Twitter page.