Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Guide To The Different Kinds Of Sales Leads

If there’s one golden item high up on the wish list of sales people, it’s the ability to have qualified leads. A lot of sales people have been victimized by circumstances that have had them engage potential clients, only to find out that they couldn’t close. It has become an unfortunate waste of time.

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Three elements need to be present to know that a lead is a solid one: need, urgency, and money. This is the basis for the following guide explaining the types of leads.

Lead type 1: If the client has none of the elements, then there is no hope for any form of business to take place. Moving on from such clients is easy.

Lead type 2: If a client proves to have only one of these, then the lead becomes one which you can hold on to, but not to the point that you forego other leads which may be promising. Follow up on the client from time to time as you engage other leads.

Lead type 3: If a client has two of these elements present, then you can consider this as an excellent opportunity. Here it would be wise to spend on treating a client out to a special dinner or maybe even a freebie. It is already worth forging a good relationship with the client.

Lead type 4: If a client shows that he has all elements present, then this is where you go all out on engaging him. Chances are, he is already talking with your competitor, and so it is important that you engage well.

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Follow this guide, and you’ll be spending time wisely in every sales opportunity.

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