Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Art Of Motivating Oneself To Hit Sales Targets

Motivation is an often disregarded matter in the things that lead up to the fruition of an accomplishment, but truly, it can be a strong force if people only learn to take it seriously. Some people even consider self-motivation as an art in itself. Below is some advice.

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No matter what pay grade a sales employee is in, success is always measured in terms of lifestyle. Everyone surely wants something that money can buy. It can be a house, a car, a new entertainment console or even a holiday in a beach paradise. Choose the object of your motivation and measure it in terms of what it would cost you to achieve the goal.

From there, make an accurate computation of money to be had in terms of commission that you get from the products or services that you are selling. This will give you an idea of how far off you are from your target. If for instance, it takes you to sell three condominiums to get the car you’ve always been dreaming of, then that gives you a number to work with.

Of course, success will become a function of what you want to buy and the potential money to earn that comes with your sales venture. No matter what you intend to purchase and no matter what you are selling, your success will always be anchored on a number, which allows you to set your sights clearly so you may do your work accordingly.

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It is beneficial to think in terms of a conditionality which tells you that if you sell X number of items, you will reach your objective. You’ll get your prized item, and surely, you’ll hit your target too.

Jeff Lupient is the president of the Minnesota-based Lupient Automotive Group. Because of his vast experience in the corporate world, he is one of the most respected personalities in sales. For more information, follow this Twitter account.