Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Daily Checklist Of a Successful Sales Representative

The motivated sales representative finds ways to improve over time, and often the most successful ones are able to hit their targets by going through a methodical checklist of daily tasks.

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Normally, a calendar app is a requirement nowadays, the contents of which the sales person should know like the back of his hand, at least as far as the next seven days of booked meetings and deadlines. Once this has been integrated into the routine, the foreseeing sales person looks at his text messages and emails the moment he wakes up, for unexpected information.

The texts and the emails influence the day’s flow of work, and depending on the actionable items there, some aspects of the day can be altered, or rescheduled if necessary.

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Next, the salesperson has to check the phone calls he received at his office. Usually, this is documented by his team’s secretary. Normally, the number of incoming calls from clients cannot be controlled, but all of them expect to be called back just the same.

Once the salesperson is at his desk, he should prioritize the actionable items that can be accomplished in the office. He can follow up on clients or make outgoing phone calls to set appointments. Here, he can also make his proposals and write his letters.

The daily checklist may vary from one salesman to the next, but consistent across the board is that the list is written, driven, and accomplished with common sense.

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